Hi, I am Mengyuan

I’m a product designer who thrives in fast-paced and collaborative environments where I touch the entire process end to end. I believe design is about solving problems with creativity, collaboration and craft. Being nice to people around me is also one of my important values.

Currently I am a hybrid pm/design lead for virtual event startup Run The World. Before that, I have launched 0-to-1 product in the wellness space for smart display at Google, designed online learning experience for students and enterprise at Udacity, and created social gaming experiences across PC, mobile and TV at Microsoft Xbox.


01. Google Sleep Sensing

Google Nest Hub 2 monitor your sleep near your bedside. It tracks when you go to bed/wake up, how long and how restful you’ve slept. It also provides personalized suggetions to help you sleep better.

I led design of sleep tracking and sleep coaching on this world's first ever smart display with sensing abilities and collaborated with 4 teams from Google Assistant, Google Fit, Google Home and Google Health.

02. Udacity CREATE

A series of tools and processes to help scale Udacity’s online education platform. Conducted end-to-end design - from user research, interaction/visual design, to prototyping. Led design overhaul of Udacity’s new content creation and student management tools.

03. Xbox club

Xbox Clubs helps gamers find people with similar interests to play with. I was the lead designer on this major product release spanning experiences on mobile, PC, and TV.

04. achievement hunter

A companion app on the Xbox One console that helps gamers track achievements they’ve unlocked and achievements they’re close to unlocking. This released product ranked #2 most used Xbox companion app and received 2 filed design patents.

05. Project Snapshots

Several projects I have designed and launched at Run The World, Google, Udacity and Microsoft. Some cool projects I have done at Google are confidential so I couldn't include them in my portfolio.

06. P&G Tide project

Imagined how P&G could innovate on Tide while retaining consumer brand recognition. Presented a suite of concepts and received an intellectual property award from P&G.